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    Euxton Design and Build

    Skatepark Design, Engineering, Construction

    The design offers challenges and unique features for the more advance riders, whilst still offering the beginner a wide variety of equipment to develop skills on. The design is based on the list of equipment provided in the tender document.

    The design offers both transition riding and street features to meet the needs and styles of all users. There is a wide variety of heights to keep experienced riders challenged as well as beginner riders plenty of opportunities to develop their skills.

    The design offers some unique and interesting features, eg kicker to hydrant gap, to make the park not only fun to skate but interesting and attractive to the wider community. The vert extension and extension to quarterpipes and flatbanks will challenge the more advance rider and give an exciting ride to watch and aspire to. Beginners are also very well catered with lower ramps and street features.

    The design offered is relatively quiet in that it is a mix between ramps and grinding elements, which are the main noise generators. Such noise that does occur will come from the grind blocks and jumping between levels. Concrete is the quietest material for skatepark construction and usually noise generated from a football match is generally louder than users on skateparks. Information on noise in skateparks can be submitted, if required.

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